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The flowers, from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.


Jason Levesque

White supremacy is the “ethnic” section of the hair aisle. It’s the “African-American” section of the bookstore that’s mostly romance novels for some reason. It’s the prison-industrial complex. It’s Angelina Jolie as Cleopatra.

It’s the fact that most of the wealth and power in the western world sits squarely in the hands of white people. It’s any part of society that treats white as the default and everything else as “other.”

White supremacy is a holdover from the days of colonialism and slavery, but it’s been largely upheld by people who either pretend it’s not there, consciously sustain it, or reinforce it to survive. Respectability politics falls in the latter category.


Respectability Politics Won’t Get Us Half as Far by Jarune Uwujaren for Everyday Feminism

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Yuko Shimizu

Anonymous said: thoughts on boys?

I replied:


disgusting but irresistible

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untitled by Marija Kovac on Flickr.